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Erratum A Toll-like receptor recognizes bacterial DNA

Nature 408 , 740 - 744 (2000 ).

Figure 1 was printed incorrectly in this paper owing to a font error. The correct Fig. 1 is reproduced below.

Figure 1: Amino‐acid sequences and tissue distribution of TLR9.

a, Alignment of human and mouse TLR9. Identical amino acids are indicated by a solid box. Human and mouse TLR9 share an overall amino‐acid identity of 75.5%. The predicted signal peptide (human and mouse, residues 1–25) and transmembrane segments (TM; human, 819–836; mouse, 820–837) are indicated. During the preparation of this manuscript, the sequences for human TLR9 were deposited in GenBank by two other groups (accession numbers NM017442 and AF245704). b, Alignment of the cytoplasmic domains of human TLR family members. Amino‐acid residues conserved in least four molecules are highlighted by solid boxes. c, A mouse multiple‐tissue northern blot (Clontech) containing 2 µg of poly(A)+ RNA was probed with a mouse TLR9 cDNA fragment.

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