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correction: Halocarbons produced by natural oxidation processes during degradation of organic matter

Nature volume 409, page 382 (18 January 2001) | Download Citation


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Nature 403, 298–301 (2000).

Throughout Figs 2–4 and the corresponding legends, mM should have been mmol, µM should have been µmol, and pM should have been pmol. In addition, in Fig. 3a the x axis should have been labelled ‘Fe (II) conc. in medium (µmol)’; and in Fig. 3b the x axis should have been labelled ‘Halide ion conc. in medium (mmol)’.

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  • 27 March 2018

    This article was initially published with an incorrect DOI. A new DOI has been assigned and registered at Crossref, and has been corrected in the article.

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