Lunar basalt breccia identified among Antarctic meteorites


THE Antarctic meteorite Elephant Moraine (EET) 87521 is a lunar mare basalt breccia. This 30.7-g meteorite was originally identified as a brecciated eucrite1, but new petrographic evidence from a more representative thin section (Fig. 1) indicates that it is a breccia of mainly very-low-titanium (VLT) basalt, and should be reclassified as a lunar meteorite. The four (or five) Antarctic lunar meteorites collected previously at Allan Hills, Yamato Mountains and MacAlpine Hills (ALHA81005, Y79117/Y793274, Y82192/82193+/-Y86032(?) and MAC88104/88105) have all sampled only the plagioclase-rich lunar highlands2,3 which dominate the surface of the Moon. EET87521 extends the lunar meteorite collections to include the less abundant basaltic provinces (the maria) of the lunar crust.

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