Table 1 Enhancement of transgene expression with different PRE fragments

From: Woodchuck hepatitis virus post-transcriptional regulatory element deleted from X protein and promoter sequences enhances retroviral vector titer and expression

Vector % transduced cells x-fold stimulation RNA x-fold RNA/% transduced cells x-fold stimulation protein/% transduced cells
MP110 13.79 1 1 1
MP110aPRE 26.03 4.56 2.42 3.09
MP110bPRE 28.44 7.41 3.60 7.52
MP110cPRE 33.66 16.88 6.92 10.20
  1. Based on phosphoimager analysis, we calculated x-fold stimulation factors on the amount of RNA, setting the PRE-deficient vector (MP110) to 1. These values were then corrected for transduction efficiency. The enhancement on the protein level was determined by FACS analysis (SW480 cells).