Gene Therapy introduces a new series of interviews

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Gene Therapy introduces a new series of interviews

Gene Therapy presents the first in a new series of interviews with leading scientists working in the greater field of gene therapy. In the decade that the journal Gene Therapy has been published, the field has changed dramatically, and its reach has broadened out from the virology labs onto the rocky road of clinical trials. This series of interviews will draw scientists from this wide pool of scientific interest and aims to throw light on the personalities behind some of the landmarks in the history of gene therapy.

With few scientists identifying themselves as ‘gene therapists’ but rather virologists, cancer clinicians, etc, the disparate groups that form the community are not always cohesive. By looking back as well as to the future, the field of gene therapy and its goals can be better defined.

This series is the start of a dialogue between scientists in the widest context of gene therapy. Basic scientists may have different priorities from clinicians, but both parties are heading toward gene therapy becoming a viable therapeutic option. Sometimes those differing priorities are not understood. This forum is a place for these priorities to be expressed, and hopefully a place where greater understanding can occur.

We start the series with an interview with Dr Inder Verma, who, 20 years ago, established the proof in principle of gene delivery and harnessing viruses for technology.

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