A search for soft X-rays from supernova 1987A


On 23 February 1987, supernova 1987A exploded in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). This event offers the possibility of studying the evolution of a nearby supernova remnant from the earliest beginnings over the entire electromagnetic spectrum with unprecedented sensitivity. We searched for soft X-ray emission (0.2–2.1 keV) from SN1987A by means of a sounding rocket-borne experiment on 24 August. No positive signal was detected, and an upper limit for the luminosity of 1.5x1036erg s–1, between 0.2–2.1 keV at a 95% confidence level has been derived.

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Aschenbach, B., Briel, U., Pfeffermann, E. et al. A search for soft X-rays from supernova 1987A. Nature 330, 232–233 (1987) doi:10.1038/330232a0

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