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Intradural extra-arachnoid schwannoma of the upper cervical spine


A very rare case of intradural extra-arachnoid schwannoma involving the upper cervical spine is described. The tumour most likely originated from the extra-subarachnoid angle region, with its unusual pattern of expansion within the spinal canal resulting from such characteristics of the upper cervical region as a relatively wide spinal canal, an extensive ventral subarachnoid space, and membranous ventromedian and lateral anchoring structures which influenced the direction of tumour enlargement.

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Kobayashi, Y., Mochida, J., Nishimura, K. et al. Intradural extra-arachnoid schwannoma of the upper cervical spine. Spinal Cord 36, 859–863 (1998).

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  • schwannoma
  • cervical spine
  • intradural extra-arachnoid tumour


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