100 and 50 years ago

    100 YEARS AGO

    One of the elephants in Barnum and Bailey's Show, which has been visiting Liverpool during the past two weeks, having recently shown signs of insubordination, Mr. Bailey determined, in order to perfectly safeguard his visitors, to sacrifice the animal. He has had during his life occasion to destroy many elephants, which, as a rule, he has handed over to experienced veterinary and other surgeons, who have tried various methods, such as poisoning, shooting and bleeding. All have proved, however, unsatisfactory, because uncertain, tedious and not seldom dangerous to those engaged in conducting the operations. On this occasion it was determined, after consultation with several experts and with the Secretary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to kill the elephant by strangulation, which had once before been adopted with success by Mr. Bailey. Accordingly it was arranged that on a recent Sunday morning — the day most suitable to the Show people and that freest from intrusion by the public — Don, as the doomed elephant, who was supposed to be about twenty-two years of age and nearly 4 1/2 tons in weight, was named, should be strangled.

    From Nature 2 June 1898.

    50 YEARS AGO

    A valuable means of bringing about active co-operation between industry and the universities has recently been shown by the United Steel Companies, Ltd. At the invitation of the chairman, Sir Walter Benton Jones, fourteen mechanical and production engineering professors from British universities spent four days ⃛ in visiting the branches of the United Steel Companies at Sheffield, Scunthorpe and Stocksbridge, and in joint discussion both at the various works and at the Sheffield headquarters. ⃛ [T]he research staff of the United Steel Companies were grateful for suggestions thrown out by the professors, while the latter were appreciative of the new problems put to them and which, in some cases, could usefully be followed up by them and their research staffs. By arranging this tour the United Steel Companies have shown a way in which industry and scholarship can work together for their mutual help and the well-being of British economy.

    From Nature 5 June 1948.

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