A philosopher among the physicists

Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery, Vols II and III.

By Karl Popper, edited by W.W. Bartley III.Vol. II

The Open Universe: An Argument for Indeterminism.

Pp.185. ISBN 0-09-146180-4. Vol. III

Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics.

Pp. 229. ISBN 0-09-146170-7. (Hutchinson/Rowman & Littlefield: 1982.) Each volume £15, $24.50.Vol. I,

Realism and the Aim of Science,

has just been published in the United States and will appear in Britain early next year.

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  1. A physicist, is Emeritus Professor of Communication and Neuroscience at Keele University.

    • Donald MacKay

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