Use of the UCHT1 monoclonal antibody to explore mouse mutants and development


Garson and Coakham demonstrated a monoclonal antibody (UCHT1) which specifically labels Purkinje cells in the cerebellar cortex1. To investigate mouse mutants with cerebellar lesions, we obtained some of the purified antibody from Beverley2, who derived it as an antibody to a human T-cell lymphocyte surface antigen. We have used the indirect immunoperoxidase method to label with the antibody Purkinje cells in mutant and normal mice, frog, toad, goldfish, dogfish and 3-acetylpyridine-treated rat. We report here that in the mutant mice tested, only the Purkinje cells in staggerer did not stain. The Purkinje cells of frog, toad and goldfish were also unstained but those in the dogfish were labelled. The Purkinje cells in rats which had been injected with 3-acetylpyridine to destroy the climbing fibres, were found to stain with the antibody. These results suggest phylogenetic as well as ontogenetic differences in antigenicity of Purkinje cells.

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