Age and magmatic evolution of Stromboli volcano from 230Th–238U disequilibrium data


The Eolian archipelago is one of the two active volcanic arcs in the Mediterranean. Of its seven islands, only Vulcano and Stromboli have erupted recently. Stromboli is well known for its continuous explosive activity. Whereas the relative ages of volcanism are fairly well known from stratigraphical methods1,2 there has been little absolute dating. Precise age determinations for the different islands are, however, necessary to study the evolution of the whole Eolian arc volcanism, notably the transition from calc-alkaline series to shoshonitic series3,4. We report here the age determination of lavas on Stromboli using a method based on the radioactive disequilibrium 230Th/238U applied to volcanic rocks5–7. The analytical techniques have been described elsewhere5. The activity ratio (230Th/232Th) is determined through α spectrometry and the U/Th ratio through isotopic dilution and mass spectrometry.

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