Role of DNA polymerase γ in adenovirus DNA replication


THE linear DNA of the human adenoviruses type 2 and type 5 (Ad2, Ad5) replicates in the nucleus of permissive cells by a mechanism different from that of chromosomal DNA or papovavirus DNA. Papovaviruses replicate bidirectionally, with both parental strands being duplicated almost synchronously, whereas adenovirus DNA replication occurs unidirectionally by a strand displacement mechanism1. No new DNA polymerase has been observed in Ad5 infected cells2. To determine which cellular DNA polymerase is required for adenovirus DNA replication we used the nucleotide analogue 2′,3′-dideoxythymidine triphosphate (ddTTP) which inhibits DNA polymerase β, and in particular DNA polymerase γ but not DNA polymerase α (refs 3,4). Addition of ddTTP to isolated nuclei which synthesise adenovirus DNA in vitro results in a strong inhibition. In similar conditions cellular DNA or SV40 DNA synthesis is not affected. In view of the presence of DNA polymerase α and γ, but not β, in adenovirus replication complexes5,6 our results indicate that only DNA polymerase γ is required for adenovirus DNA chain growth.

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