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Mapping of H–2 genes associated with T cell-mediated cytotoxic responses to SV40–tumour-associated specific antigens

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T CELL-MEDIATED cytotoxic responses to cells carrying viral antigens1, haptens2 and male H–Y antigen3, as well as minor histocompatibility antigens4 are known to be associated with either the K or D region of the murine major histocompatibility complex (H–2). Similarly, T cell-mediated cytolysis of SV40-transformed cells expressing tumour-associated specific antigens (TASA) is restricted to syngeneic target cells5–8. Although good cytotoxic responses to SV40-transformed cells can be found in mice of H–2b haplotype after primary in vivo immunisation5, the response of mice of other H–2 haplotypes is quite poor (unpublished observations), but can be readily demonstrated after in vitro6–8 mixed cell cultures. We demonstrate here primary cytotoxic responses to SV40–TASA in various inbred mouse strains using an immunisation protocol previously applied to the primary in vivo induction of hapten-specific9 and virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL)10. Moreover, the availability of appropriate congeneic recombinant mice as responders and SV40-transformed cells from these mouse strains as target cells, has enabled us to map the anti-SV40–TASA response within the H–2 complex. The data establish that the response is restricted to H–2K or H–2D, and indicate the existence of a possible Ir gene influence on the T-cell response to SV40–TASA associated with H–2Dd.

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  1. The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, 36th Street at Spruce, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104

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