Immunoglobulin binding to herpes virus-induced Fc receptors inhibits virus growth


WATKINS1 reported that sheep red blood cells coated with anti-sheep-red blood cell antibody adsorbed to monolayers of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infected cells. Yasuda and Milgrom2 suggested that the haemadsorption was mediated through an Fc-binding site which developed on the surface of the HSV infected cell, and later work from Watkin's laboratory established this interpretation3. Although the receptor for the Fc portion of IgG on the surface of HSV infected cells has been known for some time, its biological role remains unclear4,5. We show here that when the HSV-induced Fc receptor is engaged with IgG or Fc fragments, viral replication is significantly inhibited.

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COSTA, J., RABSON, A., YEE, C. et al. Immunoglobulin binding to herpes virus-induced Fc receptors inhibits virus growth. Nature 269, 251–252 (1977).

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