New oncogenic papova virus from primate cells


THE taxonomic group of papova viruses comprises a number of small icosahedral virus species, all isolated from mammals. The members of this group, such as papilloma, polyoma and the so-called vacuolating Simian virus 40 (SV40) contain double-stranded circular closed DNA. All are oncogenic, capable of transforming cells in vitro. Some viruses of this group which are called BK1 and JC2 have been isolated from human patients—BK-virus is apparently widespread, as more than 80% of the human population harbour antibodies against this virus3. We describe here a new member of the papova virus group, designated HD-virus, which we have isolated in our laboratory from primate cells (VERO-cells—a permanent line derived from Cercopithecus aethiops monkey kidney cells4—which have been routinely passaged for several years in our laboratory). HD-virus is capable of rapidly transforming cells in vitro.

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