Ultradian rhythms in urine flow in waking humans


THERE is evidence that neural oscillators may regulate the flow of urine, Mandell et al.1 demonstrated ultradian rhythms in urine flow in catheterised patients during sleep, synchronised with the sleep REM-nonREM cycles (REM, rapid eye movement). They attributed these rhythms to rhythmic secretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) during sleep. Others have demonstrated episodic secretion of ADH during sleep but no correlation with REM-nonREM cycles2. Reports3–10 of ultradian rhythms of 90–100 min analogous to the REM-nonREM cycles in waking subjects in physiological, endocrine and psychological processes, suggested the existence of waking ultradian rhythms in the flow of urine. We report here two experiments which demonstrate these rhythms.

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