Water content of Russian tektites


THE first occurrence of tektites in Russia was reported recently by Florensky1–3, who named them irgizites, and concluded that they were produced by fusion of terrestrial rocks at the Zhamanshin impact structure where they are found. The Zhamanshin impact structure is approximately 10 km in diameter and is 200 km north of the Aral Sea (49°N, 59°E). The irgizites have the splash forms that are commonly found among other tektites and impactites, for example, indochinites and Wabar glass. Although Florensky clearly describes the field occurrence, shapes, general petrography, major element chemistry and origin of the irgizites, the reported bulk chemical analysis of the major elements includes neither ferrous/ferric iron nor water3. Thus, data for two of the most widely accepted chemical criteria for the identification of tektites have not previously been available for irgizites. This note reports investigations into their water content.

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