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Synthesis and processing of ribosomal RNA by the uterus of the ovariectomised adult rat during early oestrogen action

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THE rate of RNA metabolism in the uterus of the immature or ovariectomised adult rat is stimulated after the administration of oestrogen1,2. Although there is uncertainty concerning the nature of the RNA species synthesised by the uterus during the first hour of oestrogen action2, it is generally agreed that by 2 h after the injection of the hormone there is a significant increase in the synthesis of ribosomal RNA3–5. Furthermore, Luck and Hamilton5,6 have suggested, on the basis of sucrose gradient analysis of labelled uterine RNA, that the rate or efficiency of processing of precursor ribosomal RNA (pre-rRNA) is also increased by the hormone. We have investigated the effect of oestrogen on the metabolism of rRNA in the uterus of the ovariectomised adult rat and now report the results of gel electrophoretic analyses of uterine RNA, doubly labelled in vivo with (3H-methyl)methionine and 14C-uridine. In the atrophied uterus of the ovariectomised adult rat the rate of conversion of pre-rRNA to the definitive rRNA products was slow, and it increased with time after hormone administration reaching a maximal rate after 4 h.

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  1. Department of Biology, Oberlin, College, Oberlin, Ohio, 44074

    •  & DENNIS N. LUCK


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