Reconstitution in phospholipid vesicles of a glucose transport system from pig small intestine


ABSORPTION of monosaccharides from the small intestine in mammals occurs by several different processes. The major barrier to absorption is the brush border membrane of the epithelial cells across which glucose is transported against its concentration gradient in a sodium-coupled transport system. We describe here some properties of monosaccharide transport from phospholipid vesicles into which brush border proteins obtained from neonatal pig small intestine were incorporated. The system transported glucose, but not fructose more rapidly in the presence of a sodium gradient; it transported D-glucose more rapidly than L-glucose and efflux was reduced by phlorizin.

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FERGUSON, D., BURTON, K. Reconstitution in phospholipid vesicles of a glucose transport system from pig small intestine. Nature 265, 639–642 (1977).

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