In vitro and in vivo radiosensitivity of human tumour cells obtained from a pancreatic carcinoma xenograft


HUMAN tumours show a wide range of clinical response to radiotherapy, but the extent to which this reflects differences in intrinsic cellular radiosensitivity, extent of tumour cell hypoxia, or host reaction against the tumour is unknown. For tumours in laboratory animals, various assays for clonogenic cells are available. These have shown that the range of radiosensitivity of aerobic cells is quite narrow1,2 and that the hypoxic fraction of clonogenic cells within tumours of palpable dimensions is often in the range 10–35%. Until now the lack of satisfactory assay for clonogenic cells has prevented similar studies on human solid tumours treated in vivo. We have developed two assays for clonogenic cells from a human metastatic pancreatic carcinoma propagated as a xenograft in immune-suppressed CBA/lac mice. This xenograft was one of a series established by Pickard et al.3.

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COURTENAY, V., SMITH, I., PECKHAM, M. et al. In vitro and in vivo radiosensitivity of human tumour cells obtained from a pancreatic carcinoma xenograft. Nature 263, 771–772 (1976).

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