Observations of X-ray bursts from the vicinity of 3U1727–33


ARIEL V experiment C observed the region of sky near 3U1727–33 between March 8 and 10, 1976 and again between March 24 and 25. The experiment1 consists of a multiwire collimated proportional counter with a field of view of 3.5° FWHM. The experiment is, however, offset from the spin axis of the satellite by 1.75°, so the effective field of view per spin cycle (4–5 s) is a Gaussian-like curve of 5.0° FWHM centred on the spin axis. The field of view during the present observations included the positions of 3U1727 33 (ref. 2), MX1716–30 (ref. 3) and two recently discovered burst sources, MXB1730–335 and MXB1728–34 (ref. 4).

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