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Genetic heterogeneity in GM1-gangliosidosis

Naturevolume 257pages6062 (1975) | Download Citation



GM1-GANGLIOSIDOSIS is an inherited lysosomal storage disease which is due to a deficiency of the acid hydrolase GM1-β-galactosidase1. During the past few years several clinical variants have been described2–6 that differ in time of onset of symptoms, involvement of visceral organs or skeletal tissue and in the degree of neuronal and mental deterioration. Some of these variants have been related to different properties of the deficient β-galactosidases5,7 but the significance of the experimental data8 has been questioned. Several investigators have speculated on the genetic background of the different variants2,8,9 but no experimental evidence has been provided to support the hypotheses.

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  1. Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    • , A. HOOGEVEEN
    • , W. KEIJZER
    • , H. A. DE WIT-VERBEEK
    •  & A. J. J. REUSER
  2. Department of Biochemistry, Queen Elizabeth College, University of London, UK

    • MAE WAN HO
    •  & D. ROBINSON


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