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Concurrent inhibition by chlorpromazine of concanavalin A-induced lymphocyte aggregation and mitogenesis

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A PLANT lectin from extract of Jack bean (concanavalin A) is known to initiate transformation in vitro of T lymphocytes into large, proliferating blast-like cells1. Knowledge of the mechanism whereby con A induces such changes is incomplete, but a necessary first step seems to involve the binding of con A to receptors on the surface membrane of the lymphocyte. Within minutes of binding of a mitogen, recognisable alterations in lymphocyte surface membrane physiology have been noted. These include increased phospholipid incorporation into the membrane2, increased fluxes of ionic potassium3 and calcium4, and increased uptake of nucleosides5, sugar6, and amino acids7. In addition, con A has been reported to increase the fluidity of lymphocyte membranes after binding8. Internalisation of con A is not required for lymphocyte activation so that con A binding to the lymphocyte surface membrane of T cells seems to be sufficient to induce blastogenesis9.

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  1. Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota Hospitals, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55455



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