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Mechanism of induction of haemolytic anaemia by phenylhydrazine



A COMPOUND with the optical spectrum of a ferrihaemochrome was produced when ferricyanide-oxidised phenylhydrazine was added to a solution of ferrihaemoglobin1. The three isomers of methylphenylhydrazine similarly resulted in ferrihaemochromes, but 4-hydrazinobenzoic acid did not2. The induction of haemolytic anaemia by a substituted phenylhydrazine was related to the reactivity of its oxidised form with ferrihaemoglobin to produce a ferrihaemochrome2,3. Further studies of the reaction of oxidised arylhydrazine with ferrihaemoglobin have established that the formation of a ferrihaemochrome-like product and the character of the optical spectrum of this product depend on the nature and position of substituents on the benzene ring of phenylhydrazine.

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