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NH2-terminal amino acid sequence of the Fc fragment of IgD resembles IgE and IgG sequences


THE function of IgD, a rare immunoglobulin (Ig) class, is unknown1. It has been shown that most B lymphocytes in cord blood2 and lymphocytes of patients with chronic lymphatic leukaemia3 carry IgD on their surfaces, whereas only a small portion of lymphocytes from healthy human adults is IgD-positive4. Almost all lymphocytes having IgD on the surface also carry IgM and both seem to function as receptors5. To learn more about the relationship of IgD to other Ig classes, we are investigating the amino acid sequence of the IgD Fc fragment. This report describes our first sequence analysis which suggests that IgD is more closely related to IgE and IgG than to IgM.

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