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Tumour-associated transplantation antigens of chemically induced sarcomata cross reacting with allogeneic histocompatibility antigens


INDIVIDUAL tumour-associated transplantation antigens (TATA) of chemically induced tumours and histocompatibility antigens (HA) share the ability of inducing transplantation immunity, and have other properties in common, such as the high degree of polymorphism1–3 and a similar cell surface behaviour4. A reciprocal relationship between the quantitative expression of TATA and H-2 antigens has been observed5–6, suggesting the existence of common mechanisms either in their synthesis or in the control of their phenotypic expression. Such indirect similarity prompted us to study the existence of cross reactions between TATA and HA. We therefore determined whether 3-methylcholanthrene (MCA)-induced sarcomata possess TATA-containing allogeneic histocompatibility determinants. Here we report data from two BALB/c fibrosarcomas, ST-5 and B-2.

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