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Properdin factor B and histocompatibility loci linked in the rhesus monkey


IN man, mouse, monkey and dog the major genetic loci for serologically defined (SD) and mixed lymphocyte reacting (MLR) histocompatibility determinants comprise a closely linked gene complex—the major histocompatibility complex (MHC)—on a single chromosome1–4. Genes controlling immune response in mice are located within the MHC3 and preliminary data for the rhesus monkey suggest that this species also has these genes within or adjacent to the MHC5,6. The preservation of the gross structure of this chromosome region during a long period of mammalian evolution is of considerable biological interest. In addition, the demonstration in the mouse of genetic linkage between MHC and resistance to virus infection7 and leukaemogenesis8 and the recognition of association between certain HL-A haplotypes and susceptibility to disease in the human indicates that the MHC may be an area of potentially great practical significance in addition to its role in transplantation.

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