Voltage clamp studies of glutamate synapse

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THERE is considerable evidence that L-glutamate is the excitatory transmitter both at the insect and crustacean neuromuscular junction1,2, and also in the vertebrate central nervous system3. Here we report the use of the voltage clamp technique to compare the reversal potentials of the conductance increase produced by the excitatory transmitter and the application of L-glutamate at the insect neuromuscular junction. We also investigated the ionic basis of the L-glutamate conductance increase using voltage clamping. These experiments could be carried out accurately because changes in resistance of the electrically excitable membrane caused by changes in membrane potential or by different ionic media do not affect the amplitude of the excitatory junctional currents or glutamate currents.

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ANWYL, R., USHERWOOD, P. Voltage clamp studies of glutamate synapse. Nature 252, 591–593 (1974) doi:10.1038/252591a0

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