Possible antineutrino pulse of extraterrestrial origin

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WE report an unusual event observed during our search for electron antineutrino V̄e bursts of extraterrestrial origin1. Our experiment uses a deep underground V̄e burst-detector station, adjacent to the Brookhaven Solar Neutrino Observatory2 at a depth of 4,400 metres water equivalent (m.w.e.) in the Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, South Dakota. At this station we have placed a number of large water Cerenkov counters (Fig. 1) designed to detect V̄e interactions by the Cerenkov radiation from positrons resulting from V̄e + p →n + e+ (ref. 3).

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LANDE, K., BOZOKI, G., FRATI, W. et al. Possible antineutrino pulse of extraterrestrial origin. Nature 251, 485–486 (1974) doi:10.1038/251485a0

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