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Conformational Analysis of N6-Methyladenylyl-Uridine

Naturevolume 247pages558561 (1974) | Download Citation



THE availability of a large Fourier transform (FT) NMR system in the laboratory of one of us (G. v. B.) allowed us to obtain a series of proton magnetic resonance spectra of nucleosides and dinucleoside monophosphates superior to any hitherto reported. We shall show that the use of the FT-technique at 270 MHz can increase our understanding of the structural features and of the dynamics of the stacking (helix-forming) processes because the chemical shifts as well as the 1H-1H and the 1H-31P coupling constants hidden in the high-field (ribose) part of the spectrum are now in principle amenable to analysis. These parameters provide the key to unlock the secrets of the three-dimensional time-average structure of dinucleosides in solution.

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  1. Gorlaeus Laboratoria, Leiden University

    • C. ALTONA
    • , J. H. VAN BOOM
    •  & H. J. KOENERS
  2. Department of Organic Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels

    • G. VAN BINST


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