Nature 393,537–544; 1998

As a result of an error during film output, Table 1 (PDF File: 1,001k) was published with some symbols missing. The correct version can be found at and is reproduced again here (following pages, see PDF).

Also, in Fig. 2, we incorrectly labelled Rv0649 as fadD37 instead of fabD2. Two of the genes for mycolyl transferases were inverted: Rv0129c encodes antigen 85C and not 85C′ as stated, whereas Rv3803c codes for the secreted protein MPT51 and not antigen 85C (Infect. Immun. 59, 372–382; 1991); Rv3803c is now designated fbpD. We thank Morten Harboe and Harald Wiker for drawing this to our attention.

The sequence of Rv0746 from M. bovis BCG-Pasteur presented in Fig. 5bwas incorrect and should have shown a 16-codon deletion instead of 29, as indicated here: