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Biological Sciences: Papova Virus in Urine after Renal Transplantation


THE excretion of viruses of the papova type in urine following renal transplantation has been described only in a single case1. Excretion of herpes viruses is more common, and a high incidence of warts in transplant patients has also been reported2. A papova-like virus has been found in brain material of patients with progressive multifocal leuco-encephalopathy (PML) and such viruses have been cultured from cases of PML complicating Hodgkin's disease3,4. Immuno-suppressive therapy activates latent viruses5 and is associated with a high incidence of malignant tumours6. We report here the excretion in urine of a papova-like virus by approximately 45% of patients in a renal transplant unit.

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