Table 2 Response to imatinib mesylate therapy according to the stage of the disease at inclusion

From: Imatinib mesylate is effective in children with chronic myelogenous leukemia in late chronic and advanced phase and in relapse after stem cell transplantation

  Complete hematologic response Complete cytogenetic response or FISH negativity Molecular response bcr-abl/abl <10−4 or undetectable transcript
Status at inclusion (no. of patients)
Chronic phase (22) 8/10a (80%) 12/20b (60%) 11/22 (50%)
Accelerated phase (5) 4/5 (80%) 2/5 (40%) 0/5
Blastic crisis (3) 2/3 (67%) 0/3 0/3
  1. aIn all, 12 patients were still in complete hematologic response at inclusion.
  2. bTwo patients were still in complete cytogenetic response at inclusion.