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Multiple Alpha Chain Loci for Human Haemoglobins: Hb J-Buda and Hb G-Pest


IT is well established that at least two independent loci control the structure of human haemoglobin A1,2. Although the primary structure of the β-chain is determined by a single genetic locus, there are conflicting reports that the α-chain is controlled by one3 or two4,5 loci. We now describe genetic and chemical studies of a Budapest family which possess two abnormal α-chain haemoglobins, Hb J-Buda and Hb G-Pest, and review evidence for multiple loci for the α-chain.

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Reprint requests should be sent either to Dr S. R. Hollan, National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Budapest, Hungary, or to Dr R. T. Jones, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oregon Medical School, Portland, Oregon 97201.


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