Cannabivarin and Tetrahydrocannabivarin, Two New Constituents of Hashish


WE have identified two more constituents of hashish to add to the constituents of hashish already known1. In 1969 Vollner et al.2 identified cannabidivarin, a cannabidiol homologue in which the side chain is C3H7 instead of C5H11. All cannabinoids found until then had contained an olivetyl group (n-amylresorcinol). This was the first cannabinoid found which contained a divarinyl group (n-propylresorcinol). Because many constituents are derived from cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid, Vollner et al. predicted that hashish would yield more constituents derived from cannabidivarin, and indeed Gill et al.3 found in ‘Tincture of Cannabis’ (BPC) a Δ1-tetrahydrocannabinol homologue with C3H7, instead of C5H11 as the side chain.

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