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Participation of θ-Bearing Cell in an in vitro Assay of Transplantation Immunity


FOR several humoral immune reactions, cellular interaction between thymus processed and non-thymus processed lymphocytes is required1–4. Lymphoid interaction has also been demonstrated in allograft immunity5, in the graft versus host reaction6–8 and in an in vitro heterograft reaction system9. Both in humoral2–4,10 and in transplantation immunity9, the cell which initiates the response—the antigen reactive cell—is derived from the thymus. The nature of the effector cell, however, is known only in the case of certain humoral immune reactions, in which it has been demonstrated that antibody is secreted by the non-thymus processed, bone marrow-derived cell11,12. The origin of the effector cell in transplantation reactions is unknown.

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