Decreased Proliferative Activity of Erythroblasts in Granulocytic Stem Cell Leukaemia


PROOF of reduced reproductive activity of both leukaemic blastocytes in granulocytic stem cell leukaemia and of erythroblasts in Morbus Di Guglielmo2 has previously been obtained using 3H-thymidine (3H-dThd) incorporation, micro-spectrophotometric measurements of DNA content and evaluations of mitotic indices. But no data have been published concerning 3H-dThd incorporation and mitotic activity of erythroblasts in patients suffering from granulocytic stem cell leukaemia. Such data are presented here.

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HUBER', C., HUBER, H., SCHMALZL, F. et al. Decreased Proliferative Activity of Erythroblasts in Granulocytic Stem Cell Leukaemia. Nature 229, 113–114 (1971).

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