Chimaerism after Introduction of Lymphocytes into Normal Mice

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THE lymphocyte population of mice can be thought to consist of at least two cell types1, of which one, the T cell2, derives from the thymus and which seems to be the only type of cell which can divide in response to phytohaemagglutinin (PHA)3,4. The experiments described here involve the introduction of syngeneic but cytologically marked thymus grafts or lymphocyte suspensions into intact unirradiated mice and the subsequent analysis of PHA responsive (T) cells in the blood. Two assumptions are made in the interpretation of the results: first, that all cells dividing in response to PHA are T cells, on evidence reported before4, and second, that most T cells are responsive to the mitogenic effects of PHA. This seems likely, for the proportion of peripheral blood lymphocytes which responds to PHA (approximately 70 per cent3) is nearly the same as the proportion of θ positive cells (θ positivity of lymphocytes has been equated with thymic derivation5). The existence of a small percentage of PHA non-responsive T cells would not in any case invalidate the conclusions which will be drawn.

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