Inherited Tremor in the Domestic Cat, Felis catus L.

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THE only reported case of an inherited disturbance of neurological function in cats other than deafness is ataxia resulting from cerebellar hypoplasia1. Kilham and Margolis2, however, have confirmed suggestions of Verlinde and others3 that most cases, if not all, are of viral origin. The very scanty evidence presented to support the hereditary hypothesis must be considered insufficient in view of the careful documentation of the viral aetiology. Thus, no hereditary locomotor defect has been demonstrated in cats, although many have been described in the mouse4 and other animals5.

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NORBY, D., THULINE, H. Inherited Tremor in the Domestic Cat, Felis catus L.. Nature 227, 1262–1263 (1970) doi:10.1038/2271262a0

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