Release of Elastolytic Activity from Blood Platelets

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THE degradation of elastin early in atherosclerosis1 has been attributed to elastolytic enzymes of the blood or vessel wall2, but no enzyme other than pancreatic elastase (EG (ref. 2) has yet been demonstrated conclusively. We have recently reported the presence of an elastolytic enzyme in blood platelets3 and now present evidence that it can be released from blood platelets by certain factors which produce aggregation and viscous metamorphosis of platelets. The elastolytic enzyme(s) can be separated from acid cathepsins and partially purified4.

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ROBERT, B., SZIGETI, M., ROBERT, L. et al. Release of Elastolytic Activity from Blood Platelets. Nature 227, 1248–1249 (1970) doi:10.1038/2271248a0

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