Unique Glycoprotein from Mouse Milk containing the Mammary Tumour Agent


MILK from mice containing the mammary tumour agent contains a unique chemical determinant which is antigenic in rabbits1–4. Agent-free mice can produce this antigen when they either suckle or receive by injection the milk containing the agent. We undertook the isolation and identification of this antigen to obtain insight into the mechanism of the malignant transformation—for its distribution and that of the tumorigenic potential in milk are similar4—and describe here our procedures.

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MIROFF, G., MEADE, H., WINETROUT, M. et al. Unique Glycoprotein from Mouse Milk containing the Mammary Tumour Agent. Nature 227, 1243–1244 (1970). https://doi.org/10.1038/2271243a0

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