Stratigraphy of the Beacon Supergroup between the Olympus and Boomerang Ranges, Victoria Land, Antarctica

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IN the summer of 1968–69 a geological expedition from Victoria University of Wellington examined the Beacon supergroup over an area of 3,500 km2 between the Olympus and Boomerang ranges (Fig. 1). In this area the Beacon supergroup comprises as much as 2,300 m of flat-lying non-marine sediments from Devonian or older to Triassic in age. The season's work contributed to the regional geology in two ways: abundant Devonian freshwater fish remains were discovered and collected, thus extending the known geographic distribution and variety of the fossil assemblage; and a thin sequence of glacial beds of Late Palaeozoic age were found to be widespread throughout the area. Data from the measurement of thirty detailed stratigraphic sections have also led to considerable refinement of Beacon supergroup nomenclature (Table 1).

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