Physical Sciences: Search for Millimetre-wave Emission from Blue Stellar Objects


ACCORDING to the list of Burbidge and Burbidge1, there are now 30 “radio-quiet” quasi-stellar objects, or QSOs (hereinafter called blue stellar objects, or BSOs) with measured redshifts. The term “radio-quiet” here means that they were selected optically and have not been identified in any general survey of radio sources. A number of BSOs have been examined by several different observers for possible radio emission on wavelengths from 94 to 2 cm, nearly always with negative results. In spite of this lack of success, a new survey of BSOs at millimetre wavelengths was felt worthwhile. No extensive surveys have been made at less than 11 cm wavelength; Kellermann and Pauliny-Toth2 observed only three BSOs at 2 cm, with no detections. Many known QSOs have high surface brightness and hence positive spectral indices at short centimetre wavelengths3; thus BSOs might well be detectable only at short wavelengths.

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