Saturation of a Molecular Absorption Line at 890 GHz

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IT has been shown1,2 that the molecule 1 : 1 difluoroethylene CF2CH2 has an absorption line close to the main 890 GHz emission line of the HCN laser. The results suggest that the line is about 0.5 MHz from the laser line centre and has an absorption coefficient of α = 0.0008 ± 0.0003 nepers cm−1 at 0.1 torr. Experiments carried out in the laser cavity1 provided some evidence for saturation of this line. We describe here more explicit observations of saturation both intra and extra cavity.

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BRADLEY, C., JONES, R., BIRCH, J. et al. Saturation of a Molecular Absorption Line at 890 GHz. Nature 226, 941–942 (1970) doi:10.1038/226941a0

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