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Ultrastructure of the Chloroplasts and Associated Structures within the Marine Ciliate Mesodinium rubrum (Lohmann)


THIS planktonic ciliate* has attracted interest for its causal association with “red water” phenomena in many parts of the world. In addition to the possession of numerous discrete reddish-brown bodies within the periphery of the cells there is also an ability to “fix” 14C (ref. 1) during incubation in the light with the production of oxygen2, and assimilation of 32P has also been demonstrated2. Pigment analyses2–4 have revealed the presence of chlorophylls a and c, α-carotene and a type of phycoerythrin with a unimodal absorption curve peaking at 542 nm2.

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TAYLOR, F., BLACKBOURN, D. & BLACKBOURN, J. Ultrastructure of the Chloroplasts and Associated Structures within the Marine Ciliate Mesodinium rubrum (Lohmann). Nature 224, 819–821 (1969).

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