Effect of Barbiturates on Dream Content


IT is recognized that there are two kinds of sleep, often called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, that differ in their physiology and psychology. Awakenings from the first generally yield reports of dreaming. The demonstration of a relationship between the profusion of eye movements and the “activity” or vividness of the accompanying dream1,2 and the finding that barbiturates not only decrease the overall amount of REM sleep but also reduce the profusion of eye movements3,4 per minute of REM sleep led to the prediction that barbiturate administration would result in dream experiences of a more tranquil nature5. A corollary of this would be that withdrawal of barbiturates would result in dream reports indicative of a richer and more vivid dream experience than either barbiturate or pre-barbiturate conditions, for withdrawal of hypnotic drugs accentuates the profusion of eye movements during REM sleep6–8 and is reported to lead to recall in the morning of vivid dreams during the night9,10.

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