New Tertiary Volcanic Centre on the Rockall Bank, Eastern North Atlantic Ocean


THE islet of Rockall (57° 36.0′ N, 13° 41.1′ W) is the sole subaerial of an extensive area less than 1,000 fathoms in depth located midway between Iceland and Ireland (Fig. 1, inset) known as the Rockall plateau and separated from the Scottish continental margin by the Rockall trough. Bullard et al.1, in their pre-drift reconstruction of Laurasis, included the Rockall plateau to fill an unacceptably large gap between the fitted continental margins of Europe and North America–Greenland. The inclusion of this area implied that it might be a continental fragment. Although the available geophysical data indicate that the Rockall plateau is continental in thickness (my unpublished results) and probably in composition2, the detailed geology and structure of both the Rockall plateau and the Rockall bank are unknown.

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