Cytokinesis in the Green Alga Fritschiella


CYTOKINESIS in the algae, including the green algae, is generally believed to be characterized by centripetal development of the new cell wall. In the green land plants, on the other hand, a cell plate forms in the phragmoplast between two telophase nuclei and expands centrifugally until it separates the daughter cells. It is generally accepted that the land plants evolved from specialized green algae which invaded the land, and it is reasonable to assume that various cellular processes, including cytokinesis, were modified early in the evolution of the terrestrial plant cell from its ancestral green algal cell, and that these modifications were passed onto the land plants as well as to some modern green algae.

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MCBRIDE, G. Cytokinesis in the Green Alga Fritschiella. Nature 216, 939 (1967).

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