Popular But Hardly Pop


: Its Anatomy and Physiology. By J. Rose. Pp. vii + 144. Chemical Exchanges in Man: A Physiological Essay. By B. F. Matthews. Pp. vii + 136. Molecular Biophysics: By D. Chapman and R. B. Leslie. Pp. vii + 151 + 9 plates. Electronic Computers: By J. C. Cluley. Pp. vii + 189. The Shapes of Molecules: Carbohydrate Polymers. By D. A. Rees. Pp. vii + 141. The Basis of Modern Physics: By J. M. Irvine. Pp. vii + 124. The Evolution of the Galaxies: By V. C. Reddish. Pp. vii + 119 + 16 plates. Attraction and Repulsion: Mechanical Applications of Permanent Magnets. By Malcolm McCraig. Pp. vii + 119 + 9 plates. The Ideas of Physics: By Ernest H. Hutton. Pp. vii + 153. Automation: Its Uses and Consequences. By J. Rose. Pp. vii + 123. Reproduction and Man: By R. J. Harrison. Pp. vii + 134 + 16 plates. Noise and Society: By M. Rodda. Pp. vii + 113. Life, Mind and Galaxies: By Axel V. Firsoff. Pp. vii + 111 + 9 plates. Basic Astronomy: By Patrick Moore. Pp. vii + 120 + 8 plates. All: Contemporary Science Paperbacks. (Edinburgh and London: Oliver and Boyd, Ltd., 1967.) 7s. 6d. each.


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SYKES, P. Popular But Hardly Pop. Nature 216, 1353–1354 (1967). https://doi.org/10.1038/2161353a0

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