Density Distribution Analysis of Antigen Sensitive Cells in the Rat


WHEN lymphoid cells from spleen, lymph nodes or thoracic duct lymph are transferred together with sheep red cells to heavily irradiated recipients, an immune response occurs, the magnitude of which is related to the number of lymphoid cells injected1–3. Although Playfair1 and Kennedy2 have described quantitative methods for determining the number of cells which are sensitive to antigens in such an inoculum, very little is known about the nature of these cells. The indications are that they are only slowly dividing or that most of them are in a resting state in the non-immunized animal4. Morphological evidence has been presented which tends to implicate small lymphocytes as cells which are sensitive to antigen, but the data are, as yet, unconvincing5,6. The purpose of this work has been to use a different approach in characterizing these cells. The technique is that of sedimentation to equilibrium in density gradients of bovine serum albumin7,8.

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